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A Sight to See

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#4. Describe a store where you frequently shop, using objective detail to convey to what extent the store’s features met the needs of its customers.

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A Sight to See

Shopping malls have plenty of stores to shop from, but I frequently shop at my favorite store, “Forever 21.” Forever 21 is a clothing store for both females and males that provides a broad selection of styles. Female customers can find anything from make-up to shoes and handbags inside of Forever 21. Forever 21 appeals to males because of their male clothing section. The male clothing section has its own separate room filled with items for males such as, hats, belts, and shoes. I shop at Forever 21 because of the way I feel when I enter the store. Entering the store I become excited because I see so many things that appeal to me. In Forever 21 I see, a plethora of colors, beautiful manikins, and upper levels. I enjoy every trip to Forever 21.

I am a huge fan of colors. I enjoy wearing bold colors and “color blocking.” Forever 21 is the best place to shop for bold and solid colors. When a customer walks into Forever 21, the first thing they see are colors. In the store there are different rooms and some of these room are monochromatic. It is very exciting to walk into a room in Forever 21 and see nothing but pink clothing on the shelves. I enjoy shopping out of a room where I see a lot of black or grey clothing. Customers can always go straight to any room when they are looking for a specific color and that is very convenient. Walking into a store with beautiful colors everywhere is like walking on a rainbow. In forever 21, customers can find clothing items that are pastel colors also. Pastel colors consists of light colored pinks, purples, green, etc. My favorite pastel color I always see inside Forever 21 would have to be the light purple. As soon as a customer walks into the store, they can find this color directly to their left. Forever 21 has a room full of pastel colors with great a selection to choose from.

Manikins swarm Forever 21 with fabulous vintage and retro clothing. The manikins inside of the store usually always has on a wig with an outfit put together by the employees of Forever 21. In Forever 21, the manikins are used to show off the different ways a customer can style themselves. There are also plus size manikins in Forever 21 that allows plus size women to view the styles the store has available for them. Inside of the store customers can find manikins in the windows, on top of display tables, and in the middle of the aisles. I enjoy looking at the manikins and choosing what item of clothing I would like to purchase from its outfit. Most manikins I make my selections from are off of the manikins wearing vintage clothing. Vintage clothing consists of styles from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. In Forever 21 I always see manikins wearing clothing items from the 70’s such as high-waist jeans. Manikins around the store wearing clothing from these eras is convenient for customers because they are able to see the styles that are popular and trending.



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