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A Woman Who Has Never Rebelled Against Nature

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Essay Preview: A Woman Who Has Never Rebelled Against Nature

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A Woman Who Has Never Rebelled Against Nature

As I was growing up watching my mom showering herself with positivity, it inspired me. I am so enlightened with the positivity that she attained and absorbed in her. Watching at that positivity, I grew up admiring people who choose to shine even after all the obstacles, just like thunder and storms they have been through. After all, how many people can be positive and a survivor after being banged by life again and again! The inner beauty reflects her personality that brings glooming and blossoming positiveness in people where the phrase “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” comes in the picture. Ultimately, positive anything is better than negative nothing. Her pure soul could be seen reflecting in her sparkling eyes.

I have always been a curious person to find out about her positivity. One fine day, I decided to approach her, where her yellowish complexion looks like a dim yellow light is shining on her face. Her skin, soft as baby’s skin, in which her appearance do not look like her age with not much wrinkles. Whereas, she has deep brown eyes which sparkles in the light with a little eye bags surrounding it. With a sweet and charming smile, she has a round face shape, in which can be said to be cute and chubby. While approaching her, I realized that she has a personality that is brave as a tiger, where she never shows her fears and weaknesses to others. She talks to everyone and always has that beautiful smile on her lips, while she talks to anyone, described as friendly and cheerful. Most of all, she has a kind nature, in which she behaves in a caring way towards others.

The very first question that was asked to her was about her childhood and how she was brought up, where she looked at the pure white ceiling and sighed, saying that she grew up milking the cows and waking up as early as 4 o’ clock in the morning to sell the milk by cycling. The middle- aged woman was born in Ipoh, Perak on 16th of October 1961, the eldest among seven of them. Her positiveness could be traced back from her childhood and experiences, where she has been positive eventhough, she needed to sell milk as a child but she never complained. As she said, “why would I feel bad by selling milk when I was a child, when I could help my family by doing so. It is not something to feel bad about because as a child, I learnt how to be independent. I wasn’t brought up by my parents but I was living with my grandparents and a big group of cousins. Yes, it was tiring but I never let that to get into my mind.” As seen, that kind of childhood didn’t drive her to have any thoughts that is negative. Her positivity level is much higher now than she was 17, as quoted from her, “I guess as I age, I have learnt to be more positive.”

Generally, everyone is unique and special in their own way. This woman is interesting in a way that she sees things in a positive manner, so much so until when the situation is negative she will reverse it into something positive. She is special because not most of us will be positive in a negative situation, for an instance, in a stage that everyone is slandering and criticizing a person, one might not be patient but she is and she just “kiss” those moments goodbye, as the moments will fade away. She also showers herself with positivity in a way that she sprinkles positivity towards others. She does not show her “sour face” to others. In simple words, she always has that “positive and pleasant” smile on her face. The matured woman told, “my mother is not as positive as me and she does not give proper advise, so I learnt from her weakness and made it my strength. But, my father was a very positive man. He have never raised his hands or voice on any of us. I admired his positivity.”

As she looked down at the floor with white tiles, as there were moment of silence, her eyes was wandering all around, she told that the most epic event that tested her positivity is when she had coma after delivering her second daughter, as she said, “ I kissed hell’s gate and came back. It wasn’t easy for me. It was a moment where I was in the middle of life and death, I was hanging in between of it.” As my mother is currently experiencing diabetes, hypertension and issues related to breathing, she never complained



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