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Accg835 Internationalaccounting

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In-ClassTest(Week7)- Session1,2018


  • Thetestwill be held in your regularclasstime during week7.

  • Students are only allowed to attend their registered class. Please be reminded to check your eStudent beforehand to ensure you are attending your registered class. Students who are not registered will be asked to leave the class room and cannot attend a test at a later date. Only a Macquarie student ID card is accepted. Driver licenses and passports or any other identification will not be accepted.
  • If you do not have a student ID card, please ensure that you apply for one immediately to ensure you have the campus card before your test.
  • Before starting the test, students must switch off their mobile phones and leave them in their bag. That is, mobile phones/ smart watches/ devices must not be in your pocket or on you or underneath the desk. Bags and all electronic devices are to be left at the front of the class room.
  • Student card must be displayed on your desk at all time during the test.


  • Please be reminded to write your full details (Full name and student ID), registered class number on the cover page of the test paper.

  • Examination time of thetestis60minutes.Thereisno additionalreadingtime.

  • Thetestcoversallmaterialforweeks1–6inclusive.Thisincludesallsetreadingmaterial, lectureslidesanddiscussionbytheteacher.Notethatsome questionsmaybetakenfrom thereading materialthathasnot been discussed in class.All questionsaremultiple-choice.

Examinstructions (reproduced fromtheexampapercoverpage):

  • Thistestistobeheldunderexamconditions. Youmustnotcommunicatewithother candidates during theexam.
  • Thistestincludesquestionsdrawnfrommaterialstudiedfromweeks1-6ofthe course.
  • Thisisa closed-booktest. Youare not allowedaccesstowritten materials.Thereareno complex questionsinvolvingcalculation sonocalculatorsare allowed.
  • Thereare60multiple-choicequestionsinthispaper,allofequalvalue.Youareadvisedto attemptallquestions.Marksarenotdeductedfor wronganswers.
  • Pleaseplaceyourdesignatedanswer(bycirclingit). Ifyou make amistake orchange your mind, completelyerase the wronganswerandmark the correctone.
  • Pleaseensurethatonlyoneanswerforeachquestionisclearlycircled.Ifmorethanone answeriscircledoritisnotclearwhichanswerthecircleis for, thenyouwillreceivezero marksforthat question.





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