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Accounting Information Systems

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Accounting Information Systems

According to the intranet section of Riordan Manufacturing, I've found that the information systems are widely used throughout this company. One of the information systems that employed by payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable and accounting is separate accounting and information processing. These jobs are set to different individuals. With this control in place it allows the auditors to pin point any in fractures that may occur.

Some of the hardware that this company uses is "UPS" and uninterruptible power system, and backup drives. Computers and processors as well. These hardware devices are needed to run any successful company. Real-time systems are widely used also. This hardware provides a wide range of backup assistance. Hot backups and cold backups are commonly used with this system. I believe is hardware is very sufficient. There is a lot of data that is put into the system every second and if its lost that could just about destroy a company business.

The software that's used throughout this company, is AS400, using UNIX operating system, PCs (windows) as workstations and is programmed in RPG400. Some other software that is commonly used throughout businesses is QuickBooks, Elite and oracle. These are mostly used in the accounting department of businesses. I also believe these applications to be adequate.

Payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and accounting information systems interact with other due to the information each gives out to individuals. It defines accounting principle goals and allow them to come together to form a common goal. Payroll, accounts payable, and

accounts receivable are all raw data. Each piece of information from each department needs to be put into a spreadsheet. This in return is known as accounting information systems. Accounting information systems exists at the intersection of accounting and other information systems. For these reasons I believe that they do work efficiently.

One recommendation I may suggest is in regards to the supply chain. That department has a very huge responsibility that consists of making the next generation's heart valve, medical stents and complimentary medical devices with limited material. This new procedures are very critical and need much researching. This should not be taken to so lightly. Also I think they should implement an affirmative action plan policy.



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