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Acid Rain

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Essay Preview: Acid Rain

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Qs.1 What is acid rain?

Acid rain is defined as precipitation that is acidic. This is due to the condensation of sulfur dioxide and other volatile gases released by industrial and other human activities with clouds. When they come down they are observed as precipitations of acidic nature.

Qs.2 Write down two chemical equations for acid rain.

SO2+O2+H2O ---> H2SO4

CO2+H2O ---> H2CO3

Qs.3 Write down 4 gases that contribute to acid rain.

a-Sulphur dioxide b-Nitrogen oxide

Qs.4 What is the effect of acid rain on:

a- Building structure,

Acid rain can also ruin buildings because the acid eats into metal and stone. It also damages stained glass and plastics. Some types of building materials are softer than others, and it is the softer ones which are most affected by acid rain. Sandstone and limestone are examples of stone which are fairly soft and are damaged easily. Granite is an example of a harder stone that can resist the effects of acid rain. Metals are corroded, and paint is spoiled.

b- Soil.

The soil has abundant amount of various metals and minerals. When these metals come in contact with acid rain there can be some harmful chemical reactions. These reactions can lead to soil erosion. Acid rains are known to reduce the fertility of the soil, leaving the land barren. Harmful acids can also reduce the amount of soil micro organisms which perform important job of breaking down the dead and decayed plants and other beings.



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