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Activities in the Classroom

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Activities in the Classroom

Before we start our hands on approach on cloud formation, I will ask students some questions to think about before we observe. I will ask questions like where do you think clouds come from? What are clouds made of? What do you think a cloud feels like? I have three activities that could work concurrently with this book. I feel that these activities best work with the text and also are the most interesting for children. They will also satisfy GLCEs for varying grade levels and may be manipulated to use in those varying grades.

In an activity called "Cloud in a bottle," students are first prompted to think about where cloud comes from and where it goes when it evaporates. They then create a cloud in a bottle, which is a mini representation of the how clouds are formed. This involves a 2-liter clear plastic pop bottle, filled with 1/3 of warm water and then placing the cap on.

* As the warm water evaporates, students will notice that it adds water vapor to the air inside the bottle. This is the first thing to make a cloud. Then students will squeeze and release the bottle and observe what happens. Students will notice that nothing happened. The squeeze represents the warming that occurs in the atmosphere. The release represents the cooling that occurs in the atmosphere.



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