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Adding Active Directory

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Essay Preview: Adding Active Directory

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Unit 1 Assignment 1:

Adding Active Directory

Ken 7 just purchased a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) software package and in this new ERP software there are six basic roles for users: Administrators, Planners, Shop Floor users, Managers, Purchasing users, and Accounting users. The system administrator will create the Ken 7 users in a group of which they belong in. instead of having to define users and groups locally on each computer, Active Directory allows users and groups to be defined once and shared among multiple computers. Implementing Active Directory requires more hardware for domain controller computers and network devices. It also requires additional administration time and resources to ensure shared information is protected and available in a timely fashion. The administrators can audit actions performed by user or computer accounts.

When a user logs on to a computer, the interactive logon process authenticates the user's logon, which confirms the user's identity to the local computer and grants access to Active Directory service. Afterward, whenever the user access network resources, network authentication is used to determine whether the user has permission to do so. Defined access controls may be either too restrictive or too permissive. Collecting performance information for later analysis can help fine tune controls to make them more effective and precise.



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