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Adeline Yen Mah

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Dear Adeline Yen Mah,

I found you story very sad and heartbreaking. I just couldn't believe that you treated so badly from you family.

From the day you was born, you've just ignored and considered totally bad luck and unwanted child in your family. When your father re-married again you felt even more left-out and treated so badly from your step-mother and your older-siblings.

You want to your family to love you, therefore you worked really hard at school and your hard work pays off and you won alot different prizes and awards at school, but still doesn't appreciated by your family which has never there to congratulate to you when you've receive an award. It was very sad that you dressed so poorly even though you father was a multi-millionaire.

Your childhood grew in WWII and different parts of China. When the war was on your family forced you to move china to a different city. I felt very strange when one day you disobeyed your step-mother order, you've sent to a boarding school in the dangerous city where no one is to look after you. There was only you left at boarding school, while the troops invade the city, but no one from your family to come to visit.

Your story truly made me a big difference in my life. I would thank to you for making me appreciate what I have just now.



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