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African Proverbs

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Essay Preview: African Proverbs

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Chatman, Ashleigh

April 11, 2016

African Proverbs

        Africa’s history has been passed through generations orally; consequently, the traditions of Africans have been crystallized through proverbs. African proverbs were an oral teaching tool. They are used in conversation to make a point, to display one’s wisdom, and to point out a flaw in an individual without naming him or her. One particular proverb that caught my attention was “Without knowing a person we must not hate him.”

This proverbs speaks volume because so many people are quick to judge someone without even knowing the person. To me the proverbs means don’t be so quick to hate someone just because someone else doesn’t like them. You should get to know someone and form your own opinion about them instead of letting outsiders or your friends make up your mind for you. I also chose this particular proverb because I can relate to it. There have been so many times when people don’t like me before they even get to know me, but once they get to know me, then majority of the time they end of liking me. I always hear “At first I didn’t like you because I thought you were mean and rude, but you’re really nice and caring.” People in today’s society like to follow the crowd and if their friend doesn’t like that person, then they don’t like that person. People are quick to not give people chances because of someone else. You will never know what someone else is like unless you get to truly know that person.

        In conclusion, African proverbs are inspirational. African proverbs can speak to you in ways that someone else can’t. The proverb “Without knowing a person we must not hate them” has a huge message that everyone should know. Don’t be quick to hate someone because of what you hear because what you hear about someone is not always true.



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