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Airasia Airline Marketing Report

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Southeast Asia was the fastest-developing region in the world and it always winning an attention of the investors from the entire world. In fact, in year 2006, the growth in Southeast Asia is expected to be increased significantly which is from 5.5% to 5.7% in 2007(Asian Development Bank, 2006).

However, it create a larger market and a huge opportunity for AirAsia which are within AirAsia's market and demographic. In order to define a new market, the market segmentation, market targeting and market positioning can be implemented by the AirAsia.

Market segmentation can be used by AirAsia to dividing a market into smaller groups of customers with distinct needs, characteristic or behavior who might require separate product or services. However, demographic segmentation can be attempted by AirAsia to define the new market according to gender, age, income level, job occupation, education and etc.

Furthermore, AirAsia can implement market targeting in order to select and evaluate each market segment's attractiveness and selecting one segment to enter into. In fact, Southeast Asia always attract an attention of the investors because it offering a market of 560 million people with riches of the natural resources, skilled labor, and an export industry which concentrated in a global high-growth sectors (Schwarz, A., & Villinger, R., 2004).

Therefore, the new market that targeted by AirAsia is business class. Beside that, market positioning must also be attempted by AirAsia which arranging for a product or service to occupy a clear, distinctive and desirable place relative to competing products in the minds of target customers. The lower fare price and ticketless booking service that offered can be the competitive advantages of AirAsia which can gain the greater value from customers.



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