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Alcohol Beverage Advertising Should Be Restricted

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Essay Preview: Alcohol Beverage Advertising Should Be Restricted

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Alcohol Beverage Advertising Should be Restricted

Product advertisements are intended to influence the beliefs and attitudes of people about their use (Leiber). Although many factors are cited to contribute to early alcohol debut in young people, alcoholic advertisement remains the most controversial issue since there is no clear correlation between increased alcohol consumption and advertisements have been determined. In Leiber's view, alcohol related risks in young people include injuries, accidents, addiction, and untimed deaths. Due to the magnitude of such risks, it is important for young people to be raised in environments that are free from acts or communications that would positively influence their beliefs on alcohol. Although it is not very clear on how alcoholic advertisement induces young people to start drinking, many of such age group are often left exposed. For instance, most of these commercials are associated with humor, fun, and relaxation which most young people admire. Eventually, many young people have been provoked to access and experience alcoholic products. Furthermore, alcoholic advertisements often portray misleading sex themes, economic success, and social popularity without mentioning risks associated to alcohol consumption. As a result, the commercials shape the attitudes of young people particularly by manipulating their vulnerability to alcohol. As a result those who view peer pressure as the major influence of alcohol among youths clearly overlook the role of advertising.

To reduce the damage done by alcohol in young people, the passage indicates that promotion of alcoholic beverages should be restricted (Leiber). Research further shows that binge drinking among young people are high in those with more access to radio, television programs and internet sites that contain alcoholic advertisement. In addition advertising alcoholic beverages informs young people about their prices and areas where they can easily be accessed. Due to these reasons, the Government should monitor and where applicable hold beer manufacturers and broadcasters responsible for illegal alcohol commercials. Despite the arguments against alcoholic advertising, manufacturing companies have put measures which protect young people from accessing such advertisements (Leiber). The beer institute code for example, defines environments where alcohol advertising should be done. Television programs with huge teenage audience should have minimal alcohol adverts while airing time for such advertising in other family television channels have been restricted to certain hours only.

In addition, manufacturing companies also argue that sale of their products have been restricted to a minimum age of 18 years



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