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Alicyclic Compounds

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In organic chemistry, the term is used to describe the cyclic aromatic molecule (ring-shaped) flat (flat) with resonant loop links showing greater stability than other geometric or connective arrangements with the same set of atoms. The aromatic molecules are very stable and do not easily separate to react with other materials. Organic compounds that are not aromatic are classified as aliphatic compounds. They can be cyclic, but only aromatic rings have a special stability (low reaction).

Since the most common aromatic compounds are benzene derivatives (common aromatic hydrocarbons oil and distillates), the word "aromatic" refers to sometimes unofficial gasoline derivatives, hence first defined. However, there are many non-gasoline aromatic compounds. In living organisms, for example, the most common aromatic rings are double loop bases in RNA and DNA. The aromatic functional group or other substitute is called the Ariel group.

The first use of the term "aromatic" was in the August 1818 Wilhelm Hoffmann article. This term is used for a class of compounds of gasoline, many of which are aromatherapy (perfumes), unlike pure saturated hydrocarbons. Aromatics and chemical properties There is no general relationship to the olfactory properties of these compounds (how to smell), but in 1855, before the structure of benzene or organic compounds was understood, chemicals and Hoffman began to understand that the plant particles were repugnant. Like terpenes, they had chemical properties we now recognize resembling unsaturated hydrocarbons such as benzene.

In terms of the electronic nature of the molecule, aromatic describes a conjugate system that is often done by rotating single and double bonds in a loop. This configuration allows the electrons in the Pi system from the molecule to the vectors around the loop, increasing the stability of the molecule. The molecule can not be represented by the structure, but the hybrid echo structures are different, as is the case with gasoline resonance structures. These molecules can not be found in either of these assertions, with the longest bond in one place and the shorter the double bond in another country (see later theory). In contrast, the molecule shows link lengths between those that are linked to single and double bonds. This model is usually seen from aromatic rings, that is, the idea that gasoline formed from carbon ring six members with single rotation and double bond (cyclohexatriane), was developed by August Kikuli (see date below). The gasoline model consists of two forms of resonance, corresponding to single double bonds that overlap to produce six single links and half. Benzene is a more stable molecule than expected without taking into account the dioxalation of the charge.



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