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All About Me

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Place: The product began to be offered in many places " distribution system grew until Snapple has a network of 300 small, predominantly family- owned distributors servicing chains, pizza stores, food service vendors, gasoline stations, and so called mom-and-pop stores" allowing it to have a good relationship with customers. Adittionally Snapple flourished also due to mere exposure. Snapple beverages where located in vending machines., coolers for convenience stores. Increasing accessibility and likeness. Increasing bran recognition and having good


The advertisements used people in real life, and this also increased the sense of belonging with the product that made consumer feel happy about themselves when they bought the product - (drink an 100% natural juice = good choice in life). The spokes model - Wendy Kaufman had a paid exposure but her personality made it attractive for unpaid media attetion. She managed to have 2,000 letters per week and if they liked her then it was likely they would like the image she was selling ( e.g geico and the geco). She emphazised the idea of a real person in real life - appealed to a lot of New Yorkers.

Additionally the Snapple-themed fun and games encouraged people to have a good experience with the brand and therefore increase the likeness towards the brand.

Once the product was handed to Seagram they expanded their distribution and advertisement so the product was tapping into different markets. This increased the amount of potential consumers of the product and increased awareness of the existence and availability of the product.

* Now look at the period from 1994 to 1997. Did Quaker make an error in buying Snapple or did they manage it badly?

In my opinion Quaker was doing good in trying to expand their market and buy Snapple. However, they managed it badly because they had no previous experience on how Snapple was being sold. Quaker was used to dealing in the "warm channel" where it shipped from the factory to the supermarket. They knew how to work with products that were sold in bulk and in different sizes. . The image of their beverage - Gatorade- was very different from Snapple's fashion image. Gatorade represented a lifestyle and a drink active people used daily , hence it was better off being sold in bulks because it was consumed rapidly. Snapple on the other hand represented and image of " fashion". They bought Snapple's thinking it could be beneficial if it was shipped from the factory to the supermarket. However, Snapple's audiences was mainly in the " Cold channel" that dealed with street vendors, restaurants, recreation areas and so on. Snapple's had not been sold in bulk or in supermarkets. It seems a product that was used to be consumed not so often and in small amounts



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