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All About My Life

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Marquia Jones

October 15, 2011

Honors English Essay II- Hyatt

Literary Analysis Essay

Life's What You Make It

A wise person once said "perception is a mirror not a fact and whatever is looked on is the state of minds in which is reflected afterwards. In his novella, The Metamorphosis, written by Franz Kafka, who's Czech, he invites the readers to explore the extraneous characteristics of modernism. Throughout my essay I am going to discuss three specific demonstrations of these characteristics. Highlighting the novella, the characteristics of modernism consist of feeling alienation and loss, why life is so unordered, and how the world is created in the state which it's perceived.

As for an insect looking into a humans aspect of life for the first time the vermin probably feels lost without any direction. After the transformation, Gregor takes a look at his room. It seems familiar enough, but suggests that he's already feeling uncomfortable in his own room: "His room, a regular human room, only a little on the small side lay quiet between the four familiar walls." (Kafka 1084). When feelings alienated, or in despair people have a tendency to feel useless, and never needed. When they start to feel that way they choose being alone as a first option. Gregor suddenly gets a feeling that if he shows his family what he has transformed into they would treat him worse, so he thought to just stay locked in his room, and stay away from it all. Even though Gregor hasn't shown off his new body to anybody yet, he already feels more isolated. He's already aware, of the effect that his transformation will have on everybody. :" Well, leaving out the fact that the doors were, locked should he really call for help? In spite of all his miseries, he could not repress a smile at this thought. (1087). No matter what the situation may be isolation isn't a good state of mind for anybody. Everybody should feel appreciated no matter what the case.



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