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Alphonse Gabriel Capone

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Al Capone

Al Capone was born Alphonse Gabriel Capone, to Garbiele and Teresina Capone. On January 17, 1899, in Brooklyn, Newyork. He was the fourth of nine children. He has eight siblings and one child. He had a wife Mae Josephine Coughlin and a son Albert Francis "Sonny" Capone. He started off as a troublesome child; he was kicked out of school at the age of 14 for assaulting a teacher. He turned to gangs that which lead him to a higher level of mobbery. He started off in little kid gangs like the Junior 40 Thieves, and the Brooklyn Rippers. Al Capone got the name "Scarface" during these years he claims that they are war wounds, but he actually got slashed in the face three times by a man at a bar because he insulted his sister. Al Capone was a robin hood to his community but a dangerous weapon towards the government. This is because he gave to his community, he loved and cared for them, he was a provider, and protector, and because he took away from him government, it was nothing to him.

Al Capone was a Robin Hood to his community because he would do almost anything for it. He became a godfather or a protector over his community. He gave to charities with money he made from his other activities. He opened soup kitchens during the great depression. He would give waitresses hundred dollar tips, and he even gave out coal and clothes during the winter. He made an income of $100,000.000 a year. He was a sweet heart to his community he helped lots of people and was idealize by many of the young boys in his community because all they seen was money, cars, women, success, and the fact that he was respected and there for them.

To his government he was a dangerous weapon he didn't anything about the government, he took from the government because he had a mentally that the government took from him. To the government Al Capone or Scarface was an American gangster. He was known for prostitution, smuggling, and bootlegging liquor. He was a killer, and a mob boss, and a man that didn't pay taxes. Capone was a part of and the reason for a lot of people's death. He was involved in the Saint Valentine Day Massacre, on February 14, 1929. He killed six of the seven members in the Morgan Gang. This was located at one of his bootlegging factories, they were trying to kill the leader but he escaped. Capone was charge with the crime but he got off because he an alibi that he was in Florida during that time. In December 1918 he killed a man in an argument. May 11, 1920 he killed a man name "Big Jim" Colosimo who ran underground Chicago. He became head of the Chicago mafia after Torrio was wounded by some rival gang members. He was arrested on May 17, 1929 for tax evasion, and undercover agent Eddie O'hara tipped him off. He was convicted on June 19, 1931. He was sentenced with eleven years in the penitentiary in Alcatraz. He was fined with $50,000, $7692 in court



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