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Amazon Case Study

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Essay Preview: Amazon Case Study

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Amazon Case Study

Although Amazon's beginning strategy was to "fulfill its original promise to revolutionize online retailing" (Rainer, 2009) the company has adapted a new strategy to help the company succeed in making money still. The company now offers three services to other companies and has succeeded in selling these different services to make money for the company. The different services Amazon now provides are a storage area for businesses, a processor for companies and also different companies will hire Amazon to go through all their images and podcast to make sure they are appropriate to what they need to have completed. While Amazon is not using all of its capacity that is available, the company made a money wise decision to look into other options other than just retail to bring in revenue for the company. While this is a wise financial decision on Amazons part, on the other hand there are many risk with having so many people open to your servers. With as many servers as they have open this can open the doors to hackers looking for information to steal, as well as files being deleted or misplaced because of all the different areas for the information to go to . Another risk associated with work like this is if the server crashes or is having difficulty with different issues this can slow all the businesses involved with keeping information on their servers or using their servers because all the information will be connected. Keeping the information of a business could be a positive decision because you are able to keep the information in two different places thus, protecting your information But, if somekind of misfortune happened with the information on the server it could be lost forever or temporary because with so many connections to the server it could also overload and causing information to be lost. The data from all the companies is all the information to the companies it is what the server associates with the company; this is the key to having your information on what you need to where you need it. Amazon does well by helping other companies complete the different task they need assistance with, as well as they provide a safe and in theory a secure place to keep all your information in. Although, this type of business is not what Amazon intended on or wanted to complete but this type of business is allowing the Amazon company to bring in more revenue for the company.



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