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Amish Life

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Today in society you see two different kinds of people one are the Americans who stay up with the latest technology and fashion that come out every season. Then you have the Amish people who do not use electronics and do not wear fancy clothing, but they get by each and every day. Nobody knows more about the Amish and their own lifestyle better than the author Beth Wiseman who written the series "Daughters of the Promise."

Although Beth is not Amish herself she stated on her website " I have Amish connections and friends in Pennsylvania and Colorado who read manuscripts prior to publications to make sure the books are incline with the old order Amish way" (Wiseman, about Beth). In addition, Beth is contracted with Thomas Nelson publishing, in the meantime though she is working on her first non-Amish novel that is being released in spring of 2012 (Wiseman, about Beth). Also, she was honored by her peers with eleven journalism awards, including first place news writing for The Texas Press Association (Wiseman, about Beth).

In her books and in real life the Amish lifestyle is very similar to one another. In 1693, the Amish broke away from the Mennonites because they of the practice of Shunning. What is shunning? Expulsion from the Amish community for breaching religious guidelines -- including marrying outside the faith, also All communication and contact is cut off, even among family members. Shunning is serious, and usually considered a last resort after repeated warnings. In the book Plain Pursuit Dr. Noah is shunned by his whole community. During his early years he decided to leave the Amish country to pursue his career as a doctor. Later, even though he did not regret his decision one bit he came back to his community to try to find GOD to steer him in the right direction. He meets a young boy named David who becomes seriously ill and he is the only doctor who does not charge to be seen by him. In the end Noah is accepted by his community but the shunning does not go away and they can only go to his office if it an emergency.

Furthermore, the stuff we take for granted today the use of electricity and the use of telephones, some of the Amish do not use these to get through everyday life are considered to be a temptation that could cause vanity, create inequality, or lead the Amish away from their close-knit community and, as such, are not encouraged or accepted in most orders. However, if they share a telephone in a wooden shanty between farms, electricity is sometimes used in certain situations, such as electric fences for cattle, flashing electric lights on buggies, and heating homes. Windmills are often used as a source of naturally. In her book Plain Promise Kade Saunders rents Sadie's cottage for a whole month and he does have his own car and cell phone and music. Sadie is tempted by the music because they do not use it in their community because it is a distraction. However, when Jonas (Grandpa of Sadie's) is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease they use Kade car in order to find him and in this case it was an emergency.

Not all of the Amish lifestyle is boring they can be very interesting at times. Some of the woman in the Lancaster get married and have lots of children seven to ten is common. It involves the whole community Amish weddings are traditionally



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