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Analysis of Deflection of Slab-Column Connections in Flat Plate Systems Using Minitab Program

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Essay Preview: Analysis of Deflection of Slab-Column Connections in Flat Plate Systems Using Minitab Program

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First of all, I'd like to introduce myself.

My name is selina, from China. I graduated from Achitecture College in China and Korea.

When I was studing Civil Engneering in China, I was very interested in skyscraper structure. During my research, most of the skyscrapers in Shanghai were built by other countries technology. So I decided to go to Hanyang University of Korea to study.

My final paper was about the Punchigng Shear Strength of Slab-Column Connection in Flat Plate Systems using High-Strength Lightweight concrete which is popular for being used in building structure systems, especially in skyscrapers.

As far as I am concerned, the Direction of Urban style is going more Eco and Sustainable as a city. Although there are many debates about the skyscraper, considering positive effects, there are a lot of technologies that will be developed and improved, such as developing barring noise, shorten construction time of frame structure, and improving Earthquake-Resistance.

This is what I studied in the undergraduate program. As you know, there is a growing trend toward green building around the world like in the U.S, China, and Canada.

From many years of studying abroad through internship experience, I decided to pursue a higher degree in my field. I attended Roger Williams University in the U.S which has one of the most developing technologies in the world.

I am very excited that I can study Construction Management which provides me with theoretical knowledge I never studied before. It is a combination of that which I have learned and the Quantitative Methods I am interested in. It offers a way to develop management of different and complex construction projects using Statistical Methods and Gaming Techniques. This insures a stable foundation in order for the project to run successful.

These are all my individual expectations. Hopefully, you have understood

these thoughts about this class and the reason why I study Construction Mangement



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