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Analysis of Things Fall Apart Theme

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Ma. Loriedel A. Diaz                                                                                                   ENG55

201410742                                                                                                           BSE-English 2A

                                                              A mother's love

                A mother's unconditional love cannot be replaced. The theme was extracted from the  novel entitled " Please look after mom" written by a Korean author named Kyung sook shin who is a first Korean writer who won an Asian literary prize in this novel. However, the narrative doesn't offer any perspective on whether this is a phenomenon unique to Korean culture but it presents the lines and experiences of motherhood in general.

               Mother is a hero. She is the one who in charge of groceries, kitchen households  budget for the family, raising her kids and building a family. A woman who sacrificed her life just to give you life. A woman who first taught us how to walk, talk and smile. Our mother, our first teacher. That is how our mother's are.

               Our Mother is a perfect definition of self sacrifice, for she put the lives and well being of her children before her own. Even the food that she supposed to eat, will be given to her child who is starving too. That's how our mother loves us.

               Being a mother served greatest influences for several reasons. The mother is the one who  support, encourage, motivates, and will teach you how to faced the challenges of life. With her, whom will never leave you alone in facing it. It said that mothers are the emotional backbone of the family. If the problems occurs they are the strongest person to hold back and you can always rely on. A person who does the work for many for free.

               It is proven that a mother can do everything for her child, but in return what can we do  form  them?

               The story reveals how the children reciprocate all the love that their mother showed to them. And it was quite sad because after all the sacrifices of their mom they cannot give a damn care about it, whom their mom had been lost in a bus train station in Seoul. An old aged mother who cannot read and socially timorous. And one of her son, while she was lost was taking a spa day. A mother who is willing to gave everything she had for her children but received nothing in return is something that is unique to a mom. Having an unconditional love to give without expecting a same love to received.

                 A mothers love need to be given unconditionally to establish trust and foundation in life. The emotional foundation they gave to their children at home is their foundation in life. Thus, we cannot underestimate the value of home and the power of mothers love.

                 Many people longing to have a mother. So if you have a mom, be thankful for her. Because you have someone who can help you along the way. Respect our parents. Not only our mothers but our fathers too. Be with them not only in worst time but also on  the happiest moments and best times. Love them like how they loved us. And always make them happy, just like how they makes us laugh during our bad days.



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