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Analyze the Origins of Slavery

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Essay Preview: Analyze the Origins of Slavery

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African Slaves that were brought to the Americas during 1607-1776 worked and lived in harsh living conditions and were treated inhumanely. They were quickly shut out of their society and were instead treated like a piece of property, and didn't have any rights at all. Throughout the period of 1607-1776, there were different rebellions, and acts that revolutionized slavery. However, in 1607 when the first slaves were brought over to Jamestown, Virginia, they we unaware that millions more would soon be brought over to the New World to follow their unexpected journey.

In the wilderness of the New World, life was harsh and brief for the settlers of Jamestown, and adapting to living in the wilderness was more of a struggle then they thought it would be. The reason the settlers went over the Americas was to find gold and to bring back an income to the Virginia Company, their sponsor, who wanted to make a reasonable profit from the resources in the New World. However, when they were unsuccessful in finding any sort of profit, they we're starting to get troubled. In 1612, John Rolfe started a tobacco plantation to help the settlers, which later on soon became a popular cash crop throughout the colonies. There were soon tobacco plantations appearing all over the colonies that required more labor for the settlers, so they began using white indentured servants. However, around 1619 Dutch traders brought some of the first African Americans to Jamestown to help with the labor needed.



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