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Ancient Egypt

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Essay Preview: Ancient Egypt

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From Old Brick Walls to Graffiti covered buildings,

Kids with bloody noses, beat up outcasts that spoke nothing but the truth

Stained Glass windows with doors wide open

Only brave leaders walked through them once in a lifetime

I'm from that striking Eastern cottonwood that stared at me with innocence,

Red eyes full of guilt and hatred,

Watching my best friend with a knife ready to commit,

I stood there laughing while my teachers resubmit

The tears I cried when he left me,

As a young girl I relied on deep sensitivity

From the wild thorn bush I used to love

Thrashed its thorns and I was ready for the worst,

Pain that ate at me, fearless resembled me

Frightened I was.

I'm from the brilliant sunlight that poured in my windowpane each morning,

The hummingbirds singing their beautiful songs,

Melody swishing inside my eardrums and the butterflies even sang with them too

Trying to ignore the bruises on my body from that terrible crash,

I never quite trusted that scooter... falling apart laughing at me as I toppled and flew over that dark red Chrysler

Death was something I was still unsure of as a young girl...

Death cancels everything but the truth... Luckily that I still had

Body pulsing, blood streaming, screams irritating my lost self

The truth lies beneath my soul, the soul I wasn't ready to give up yet.

From Grey skies as Rain cries,

Thunder screaming at me

Mud running up my cold bare feet

Trying hard to find my route back home

The white light was pointing at me,

Showing me the easier way to escape the darkness,

The dark moment of my life

Running and Screaming as lost words remain unsaid,

Scared, Petrified... the white light chasing me

My mind was racing me

Trapped between truth and lies, guilt and innocence.



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