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Animal Rights

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Animal rights have been a controversial issue around the world for many years. There are people who believe in animal rights and think that animals are something that god has created it and no one should be allowed to kill them or make them suffer. Some of the rights that animals should have are, they have to be respected, treated well; people should not kill them for pleasure, and not caging then in zoos and other places. In contrast, there are people who think that animals should not have rights because without animals some people may suffer because killing animal and eating their meat or using their skin is the source of their living. PETA is an organization which specializes in animal rights. They have produced on article called Why Animal Rights? This is based on the book Animal Liberation by Peter Singer. The main argument of this article talks about animals' right of having a life away from suffering and exploitation. PETA also points out two main things in the argument which are animal's capacity for suffering, and animals just like humans, can feel pain fear, happiness, and other things that humans feel. This essay will critically respond to PETA's arguments which are about equal consideration, animals have inherent worth, and only prejudice allow us to deny others the rights that we expect to have for ourselves.

The first point that this essay will respond to is equal consideration because it is important to talk about it when the issue of animal rights is in discussion. This argument talks about animals' capacity of suffering, and there is no difference between humans and animals when it comes to feeling pain, loneliness, love, and other feelings. PETA answers yes to the question of whether animals should have their rights or not. PETA's argument is reasonable. What I see reasonable in PETS's article is animals surely deserve to live their lives free from suffering. In addition, humans should not be allowed to cause suffering and pain to animals just because they cannot speak or ask for their rights. Also, PETA's argument about animals' ability to suffer in the same way that humans do is resonable, and yes animals feel pain. According to Andy Coghlan who is a scantiest says "Scientists have Proven that Animals Feel Pain" (Coghlan, 2009). As I was reading about animals, I realized that animals have brains, and nervous systems people are the same, so that's why they feel pain they way humans do. The problem is animals cannot talk, so they cry or whimper. For example, if a dog is injured because it was hit by a car or a in a dog fight, it starts to cry and whimper. Humans are the same when we get injured, we would probably cry, and some of us shout. Another example is fish, fishes can feel the pain that humans cause them and they suffer. According to Jennifer Voegas pointed out that "You may not hear fishes go "Ouch," but fish like most other organisms, are capable of experiencing pain and that humans can cause fish to suffer." (Voegas, 2010).



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