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Apply a Decision-Making Technique to Identify the Solution

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Essay Preview: Apply a Decision-Making Technique to Identify the Solution

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Apply a decision-making technique to identify the solution(s):

As in week three, I believe the collaborative decision making process is the best route for the company expansion in Kava. I believe that by gathering a diverse group of individuals, brainstorming several solutions to problems, discussing the pro's and con's of suggested solutions, and collaboratively reaching a mutually acceptable solution, would benefit Taco Bell.

After discussing problems and possible solutions with the team, I have reached the conclusion that Kava would be a suitable location to open a restaurant. We feel that that the local population, along with the tourist traffic, there would be a high enough demand to cover costs and produce a profit.

Taking into consideration all the pro's and con's that would affect every aspect of opening a new company in Kava, our team has reached the following conclusions:

* The group has concluded that Kava has the demand for an economically priced dining alternative such as Taco Bell. We have agreed that individuals living and visiting the island would frequent the restaurant for affordable, tasty meals.

* The group has also decided that the unpredictable weather of Kava places all businesses at risk. However, the potential profits through tourism outweigh the costs of damage caused by weather.

* The diverse population, though a concern at first, offers a broad customer base for the products offered through Taco Bell.

* The youthful age of the population is also a positive aspect to the new store. In general it appears that young individuals frequent Taco Bell's.

By taking the collaborative decision making approach, I have discussed, listened, and analyzed input from a diverse group of individuals. I was first astonished by some reactions to the proposed opening of a new Taco Bell. The elderly citizens of Kava seemed opposed to the idea, while the younger generation seemed excited by the prospect of a different and affordable food chain. After analyzing the different opinions of the citizens and the tourists it was decided that the demand was indeed appropriate for establishing a new store.

Even though it was decided that Kava was a favorable location for a new Taco Bell, I was adamant to stress the fact that success was dependent upon two factors:

1. Cleanliness

2. Prices

Based on these findings, I propose that Taco Bell opens a new Kava location if it is able to meet the following criteria:

* Provide fast meals at affordable prices.

* Provide a clean and healthy dining environment.

* Meet local health standards.

* Attract tourism business through name brand and quality.

* Employ a friendly and helpful staff.

* Collect and act upon customer feedback, both positive and negative.

* Create a collaborative work environment, where employees are rewarded for positive performance and work to alleviate issues that negatively impact business.

In order to reach the proposed criteria, I propose that a customer feedback system is implemented. This can be accomplished through customer comments that can be submitted in a variety of avenues, such as comment cards deposited at the new location, emails submitted on the web-site, phone calls taken by our home office, and addressing concerns and suggestions made by stakeholders. As suggestions and compliments are received, our team will analyze the feedback, brainstorm possible plans of action, decide most cost effective and feasible solutions, and implementation techniques to achieve desired goals.

The process of evaluating customer feedback can be obstructed in a variety of ways. The individuals that are chosen to evaluate



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