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April Ride - Whiskey Row

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1. I believe that the two most important things that will help me financially are. You always have to plan for the future and save as much as you can even if it means to cut back. The different markets out there it’s great to know how they all work together to keep the economy going. But there is still many great lesson I will use threw out my life

2. Clothes , video games

3. Pest control , landscapers

4. Inflation is a term that people use to explain that we are simply printing off too much money. Money is backed up by value in most cases it was gold that back up the U.S currency. When you have more cash printed but no increase in gold the currency begins to hold less value. That’s when inflation comes into effect because you inflation the amount of cash being printed.

5. If I was to move to another country in look of a job there would be many factors I would look at. First how have their economy been over the last 5 years. What are there major imports and exports? How does there currency value toward the U.S? These are just a few I would think of before move anywhere.

6. I believe that a traditional market is best for the consumers for many reasons. In most traditional markets come from locally produce good and service. Meaning better for you and the people you care about. Plus it help fund the local area with cash flow keeping the cities growth and revue funded.

7. In a profit run business all they care about is the money. There are many upsides to this but can lead to some down side as well. First one of the upsides is that a business that is profit hungry most likely begins to lead or control a market finically. But one down side to this is the company may tend to pay as a little possible and begin to mass produce and quality, customer care, and low prices become hard to find.

8. Frye’s Food store is a grocery store that is in many city of Arizona. But it’s not the only store in town it has many competitors that are a force to be dealt with. Its direct competitors would be Safeway, Albertson, and WinCo. Now there are other stores out there that sell grocery’s but also sell other things these are it indirect competitor Costco, Wal Mart, and Target. These stores sell many others things like Tv’s, furniture, Clothes, and Electronics. While Frye’s only really sells specialty food, snacks, and meals.

9. What colors do they come in? Which one would be easier to work on?

10. Gas back in the day was $0.25 a gal but as the population grew so did cars. More cars on the road means more gas is required to run all them. But as oil pockets run low the good run low and the demand goes up so gas prices go up.

11. Jackets are only ever worn when



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