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Arch Duke Ferdinand

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The whole world was frightened and countries fighting their neighbors that are in the same continent as them. Europe was in a big chaos the most and this is where the war started. Some says it was the assassination of the duke of Austria-Hungary, Franz Ferdinand. But what and who caused the World War I.

One reason is the increase of money that were spent on weapons. If one country has a vast amount of weapons, then other countries wouldn't feel protected so they would start making their own too. France, Germany and Russia were the 3 biggest spenders. This made them feeling powerful and protected. So it was arms race for all European countries.

Making alliances was one of the reasons also. The 'Triple Entente' was made up of Great Britain, France, and Russia. Another group was the 'Triple Alliances'. They are Italy, Germany, and Austria-Hungary. This caused the war because if one country attacked another

country then the alliance of the country that was attacked then will get involved.

Lastly, what I think is the most important reason is the assassination of Franz Ferdinand. I think this started everything because it built up huge armies, created alliances, and the creation of vast amount of weapons....



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