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Aristotle Vs Plato

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After reading both views from Aristotle and Plato I felt that Aristotle's views make more sense. Plato feels that no matter how we try we can never replicate a perfect circle or a perfect triangle. He feels that the lines that make up objects such as a circle do not actually take up space. The lines take up space in the sand or on papyrus. Plato also stated that the only way perfection in Forms could take place is if it happened in a separate world. I'm not sold on the idea of a separate world where anything takes place. I feel that Forms can be perfected in this and perfect squares.

I leaned toward the thoughts and beliefs of Aristotle based on his idea of "tableness". Unlike Plato who would try to explain how a table is made by using reason, Aristotle simply would advise someone to go and look at a number of tables to understand what makes a table. To me a table is a table; someone took measurements and cut the necessary wood to put the table together. By using the thoughts of Aristotle makes sense to me. Making a table doesn't use reason, it uses the knowledge of wood working and an understanding of basic geometry. Entelechy means "inner" or "end". As long as you have the proper materials you can form whatever you what to form. Aristotle took this belief and applied it to society. In today's society we can look at the government and see that it can be formed by anything. In recent years our society has had an actor and one professional wrestler in the role of Governor. These are two men that didn't live a life of politics, but they were able to be formed into politicians and successfully run their states.

I'm not the type of person who believes in separate worlds outside of the one we live in today. Aristotle brings a clear and humanly view when it comes to matter and form. Plato brings a very open minded but in my opinion foolish view on these topics.



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