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Art Case

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Visual and Performing Arts is a way that many individuals express themselves. It gives an individual an outlet to show what they do best. That can be dance, art, theater, or music. Some people use Visual and Performing Arts to calm them down after a long day or use it for therapy. Without any art our lives would be basic and boring. Houses would look exactly the same, clothes wouldn't have any color, and music would be non-existent. We were made all as different individuals to have our own mind and our own imagination. Every generation someone comes up with the next new thing for example, Steve Jobs made it possible to paint a picture or take a picture using a computer screen without a keyboard. Without his imagination we wouldn't have the IPod of even the most popular iPhone. Art is necessary in our everyday lives in order to feed our minds with new and different things that will help our society.

When I was a little girl my mom tried to get me into different sports and performing arts. I first tried ballet but my heart was not into it. Then she put me into acting for a theater company. I was known as a shy little girl that didn't say much and the thought of acting and having a speaking part scared me to death! I ended up having a speaking part in the play Oklahoma and Joseph the dream coat. After doing the two plays I felt more confident and wasn't scared to talk in front of people anymore. After that I did two commercials for my local news channel. Both were a great experience but I knew that it still was not what I really wanted to do. A few years later my mom introduced me to playing the violin. It felt natural for me to play the violin. I was able to catch on quick and love what I did. Theater really helped me to become a better performer in front of any size audience. As an audience member, I loved going to see plays, orchestras, concerts and art galleries. I still to this day would imagine would it would be like being in their position. How it would feel to be a performer on a professional level. Being in the audience I really had an appreciation for the arts. To be able to go outside the box and show other people your imagination is a feeling that most people love. Visual and performing arts influences our society in many ways. These days' actors, actresses and music performers are very influential. For example, if an actress endorses a perfume or a skin care line many individuals will go out and buy what the actress endorses. It's all about getting into the lives of the people on television and seeing how they live their lives and what they buy. Visual and performing Arts is important in our everyday lives. It what makes us who we are as individuals.



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