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Artificial Lightweight Aggregate Based Metakaolin as a Subtittue of Lightweight Concrete Aggregate Filler

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Essay Preview: Artificial Lightweight Aggregate Based Metakaolin as a Subtittue of Lightweight Concrete Aggregate Filler

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Name                 : Edo Prasetya Adi

Nim                : 176060100111021

Courses        : English Lesson

Task                : Research Framework





        The concrete material is a type of material that is widely used in building construction. For the purposes of the non-structural, the use of normal concrete causes dead load due to non-structural concrete elements are quite large, because of that to reduce the weight of the non-structural concrete using by lightweight concrete. The structural lightweight concrete can be produced with coarse aggregate of ALWA material, one type of that is metakaolin. Metakaolin is a compound derived from the combustion process or calcination of kaolin minerals with a temperature of 700◦C.

Research on the Utilization Of Metakaolin As An Alternative Artificial Materials For Lightweight Aggregate with the mixing process used 5 variations of comparison, a) 100% metakaolin + 0% FA, b) 75% metakaolin + 25% FA, c) 50 metakaolin + 50% FA, d) 25% metakaolin + 75% FA and e) 0 % Metakaolin + 100% FA, produce some conclusions between them, a) compressive strength test has been performed at 28 days, the compressive strength test obtained the optimum composition value in 75% fly ash + 25% metakaolin. b) the effect of mixed variation in the compressive test gave a significant effect, while the higher content of metakaolin ingredients decreased the value of the compressive strength.

From the conclusion of the above research, the optimum mixture rate will be applied with the aim to make artificial lightweight aggregate substitutes the natural aggregate in the manufacture of lightweight structural concrete and also, the physical and mechanical behavior of the artificial lightweight aggregate will be observed in order to value compressive strength of compound, as well as the comparison of physical and mechanical properties against natural aggregate commonly used for the manufacture of lightweight structural concrete.



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