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Assessment 3: Service Encounter Analysis (report)

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Essay Preview: Assessment 3: Service Encounter Analysis (report)

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Executive Summary 3



Marine Parade Polyclinic 5

Worst Service Encounter 6

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Best Service Encounter 8

Conclusion 9


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Executive Summary

This report is about the best and worst service experience in the healthcare industry which I experience this year. Both incidents are related. Recommendation will be given to the worst service encounter and conclusion will be given to the best service encounter. I will use the 'flower of service' model which I have learned from this module, service marketing to compare and contrast both incidents. A short summary of the key learning point will be given.


Singapore Health Services (SingHealth) was established in 2000 as part of the streamlining of the public healthcare clusters. Being the leading healthcare group in Singapore, SingHealth offers a complete range of multi-disciplinary and integrated medical care. The group consists of 3 Public Hospitals, 5 National Specialty Centres and a network of 9 Polyclinics.

SingHealth have a faculty of internationally qualified medical specialists and are well equipped with advanced diagnostic and treatment medical technology. They are dedicated to providing quality healthcare that is affordable and accessible to our patients. By pursuing excellence in their three pillars of Patient Care, Education and Research they aim to be the trusted leader in healthcare for our patients, partners, staff and the community.


SingHealth Polyclinics is the leader in family medicine, providing seamless, patient-centred and preventive healthcare which is affordable and accessible to all. They have a network of 9 polyclinics to provide primary healthcare services to the community. It plays a vital role in promoting a healthy lifestyle within the community and empowering families with the knowledge of common health issues, care and treatment options.

Marine Parade Polyclinic

Marine Parade Polyclinic is one of the nine polyclinics under the SingHealth Polyclinic.

I have been to other polyclinics which are under SingHealth Polyclinic and therefore my expectation of the service provided at Marine Parade Polyclinic should be the same as the others would provide.

My expectation of them is every basic, doctors will be patient to listen and understand where and what happen that causes it and also to ask and check to see if I have past medical condition before giving me my prescription.

Worst Service Encounter

This is the worst service encounter which happens to me on 7 of July. It was my first time at Marine Parade Polyclinic since I have just moved there. I went to see the doctor due do to the lump on my neck and the rashes on my face.

In my whole life of 22 years, I have never seen any polyclinic doctor which is capable enough to land any of his or her patients into the hospital, not due to any serious injury or incurable illness or because the doctor feels that the patient needed a much more experience doctor.

This doctor whom I saw was a young chap who looks no older than 29 years old. He had little patient to under my problem. I tried to explain to him what happen but he cut me short. He even prescribes me my medication without checking my medical condition and asks me to leave.

The medication which he prescribes for me aggravates my gastric problems and the lump on my neck did not stop growing it got even bigger. From a size of a small marble ball, it grew till a size of a large marble ball. A week later, the medication he prescribed to me, landed me in the hospital. All this was due to his lack of patients to understand of my medical condition.

After the whole ordeal was over, the doctor makes me feel that I can never trust doctors over at Marine Parade Polyclinic anymore. The best he could do as a doctor was to ask me about my medical condition which was the basic of the doctor would do. He shows no sign of professionalism as a doctor.

If I were to rate them from 1 to 7, 1 being definitely no and 7 being definitely yes, I will give them 1.


SingHealth should have a standard practice or guideline for all doctors. Young and inexperienced doctors should always attach with more experience doctor and not be left alone to look at patients.

In the event if there are no available experience doctors, there should be at least experience nurse with the inexperienced doctor to make sure that things which are forgotten, the nurse will be able to remind the doctor.

SingHealth may want to consider doing random checks on each inexperience doctor at the polyclinic. By doing so, Polyclinics under SingHealth groups are more reliable to the public and also incident such as my will not happen.


Changi General Hospital (CGH) is a dependable healthcare provider in Singapore. They provide a comprehensive range of medical specialties. CGH offers the entire array of medical services, from general surgery, internal medicine, cardiology,



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