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Assisted Suicide

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Essay Preview: Assisted Suicide

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Emotion and thought changes but if a pain that can be treated and cure will continued bring problem until the problem end with that person die without a choose, by using assisted suicide they would just speeding up their process of their death and all of this only effect that one person. This related to Rights of individuals by having a choose to oneself that would have good benefit which to end a pain that couldn't be stopped. The greater good of the society is how it just not only affects just only the individual person but how it would it affects the whole society. What I feel about my position in assisted suicide for the greater good of the society is that if we were to permitted assisted suicide than people that have a relationships toward that patient wouldn't have to see that patient in agony anymore, not only that there are a population issues (mean we're over populated) but the hospitalize rooms and health cares as well. Society views it was as awful way to die but it's really the right to die with cognitive or last resort. "The centuries-old debate over a person' right to die, usually in case of a painful terminal illness, is currently grabbing headlines with the other group saying that their choose shouldn't be interfere." Assisted suicide did grab lot of attentions from society. It was view if it necessary for assisted suicide to continued, some view as people and their personal problem



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