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Asturias - Brian Caswell

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Essay Preview: Asturias - Brian Caswell

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Text 1: Asturias - Brian Caswell

Caswell shows us the way music and fame can unite performers and fans through its emotional power ("there was no us and them. The song rolled out over the audience and they shouted it back with one voice"). The author also hints that this power can be addictive, however, with Alex's Reflection: "I knew I had to feel it again... to ride the wave for as long as it lasted". This all sets the scene for the imminent crisis that affect each member of Asturias due to the pressure their fame will exert on other aspects of their lives.

Brian Caswells novel 'Astrurias', is based on a band that goes on a Journey to stardom, in this Journey to fam each of the band members are all impacted by fame in both positive and negative ways.

An aspect of fame portrayed within the novel is the artistic fulfillment, as the musical talents of the band had a favorable and positive reaction from the public. This positive reaction from the public gives the band member a sense of satisfaction about their talent which makes them feel more secure about themselves. Recognition gave fame to the band and fame influenced the successful accomplishment of the band's song. This gave the Alex along with the other four members the fulfilment of their artistic talents. This positive aspect can be referred through Alex in Asturias, “In all the concerts… it lasted”. Caswell shows the power of musical popularity to untite fans through Claires words and how through Alex, being the focus of attention for thousands of people is addictive, like a drug or riding a wave, that alex never experienced until now. There are similar lines said by Jason Donovan during his interview, “I had everything in the world at that point. It just… it was a euphoria I enjoyed. I enjoyed the buzz of the drug”. This saying by Jason suggests that his fame and fortune was like a drug that he enjoyed, described through a metaphor/ It also expresses the thrilling obsession that fame and fortune grants in life.

On the other hand, there are also negative impacts that come with celebrity and fame. For example, due to pressures of fame and the negativity promoted by the media, celebrities may be tempted to abuse drugs to use as a gateway and to forget their problems.



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