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B2c and B2b

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Without a doubt the Internet has changed almost every aspect in which we conduct our daily activities. Having the ability to do such things like paying bills and shopping have made are life easier. Let's take a look at how the supply chain is different between B2C and B2B sites.

A B2C site stands for business-to-consumer electronic commerce. This Internet business provides products or services to consumers from a company. Within B2C there are five classifications which are: direct sellers, manufacturers, online intermediaries, advertising based models and community based models. The B2C has distinct advantages like convenience and real time changes in products and price. Some of the disadvantages are building a customer base and safeguarding information.( A B2B site refers to businesses doing business with each other and consumers are not involved.

Selling is a must regardless of it is a B2C or a B2C. B2B requires more contracts then a B2C interaction. With selling a B2C is popular because a shopper has the opportunity to shop many websites quickly with no need of any further interaction. With B2B there is a need for a higher level of interaction and with more contacts than with B2C.

Inventory is another aspect of how the supply chain differs from B2C to B2B. Inventory for a B2C is often found in the stores whereas a B2B normally deals with more bulk and one be located in warehouses.

Transportation with B2C is normally done through third-party companies. With B2B because of larger items and larger orders it must require larger trucks and possibly rail transportation. The larger companies also have their own fleet of large trucks because they have the ability to save more money instead of using third-party companies.(



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