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Back to the Mars

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Back to the Mars

The search for extraterrestrial life and the probe into the mystery of the universe have been an ancient urge and consistent efforts of scientists of many centuries. The lecturer deals with recent developments in the search for alien organisms. He discusses various arguments about alien civilization. He does not think that such belief and search is irrational. He believes that most people with such belief "operate from the same instinct, which is to know the truth about the universe." Curiosity leads to inquiry which becomes the driving force of discovery. Without people thinking the impossible in the past, many discoveries would not be made. That is why the lecturer is not biased or negative towards the search for extraterrestrial life on Mars.

Mars isn't an uninteresting, dead world. The lecturer draws the conclusion that there is life outside of the Earth by showing some pictures, digitals and even videos that photographed by Viking. The lecturer and his teammates are study Mars in NASA. They began an extensive study of the red planet. One of the key questions in all of science is there life outside of earth? The lecturer believed that Mars is the most likely target for life outside the earth. In order to prove his opinion, he showed us some amazing measurements that suggest there may be life on mars. And the lecturer started with a Viking photograph. Viking was developed and managed at the NASA Langley Research Center. They sent two orbiters and two landers in the summer of 1976. On the hand, they had four spacecrafts, two around Mars, and two on the surface. It is an amazing accomplishment. Although Mars is half the size of the Earth, because two-third of the Earth is covered by water, the land area on Mars is comparable to the land area on Earth. The lecturer has obtained topographic measurements of the surface of Mars, which shows that Mars has the largest volcano in the solar system. Volcanoes are important, because volcanoes produce atmospheres and they produce oceans. There is no liquid water on the surface of Mars today. But there is intriguing evidence that suggests that the early history of Mars there may have been rivers and fast flowing water. Water is the key ingredient in the evolution. On earth, on the other hand, almost all of atmospheric methane is produced by life. Almost all 99.9% of the methane is produced by living system. The lecturer provided that methane is in the atmosphere of Mars, a gas that is biogenic in origin, produced by living system.



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