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Background Statement of Need

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  1. Background Statement of Need

During our interview, survey and observation the current system was manual where data is written on a medical form and transferred to the logbook, human error where vulnerable since it was paper base and retrieval of files was time consuming as they manually locate files some of which were even lost thus finding information was hard. This system of information storage is susceptible to security problems such as illegal modification and update. The existing system is still operating and can still be in use but the new system should be more accommodating, advance and fast. The new system is to called Usep Clinic System and will fully automated. It helps the staff to accomplish their daily functions more efficiently. No more need for paper work.

The Objective for the new system are that it can help the user to get fast information of patient, search for patients, register staff, inventory of medical drugs stocks and update, staff records, patients

  1. Technical Approach and Distinguishing Features

The user recommended that the proposed system should be user friendly, use of passwords which could deny access to unauthorized users of system which ensured security, inventory of medical supply and the basic requirements of the system this includes search for patients, register staff, update, add patients records and view all reports.

The proposed system will work like this:

        Only authorized user with the right user name and password has right to access the services to particular department he or she intent to view. The system administrator can, add, edit system users and has access to view the information and inventory for easier tracking in case of mismanagement in the clinic. The admin can access the inventory page and can add medical stocks. The system cannot run unless wampserver in installed in the machine (laptop or computer) then the system database is created and imported from where it’s save the phpMyAdmin.



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