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Ban Smoking in Public Areas

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Essay Preview: Ban Smoking in Public Areas

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"Ban Smoking in Public Areas"

If I could ban one thing in the entire world I would Ban Smoking in Public Areas because

it kills around 5.4 million people each year. Smoking is one of the filthiest habit that ever

invented. Not only does smoking hurt the person who is smoking, but recent scientific and

medical evidence shows that the dangers associated with second hand smoking are extremely

serious and relevant. When someone is smoking they are putting everyone around them at

risk. This includes the employees of the establishment where they are smoking. Many workers

at bars find they are suffering from the same physical symptoms that smokers face because of

the impact of second hand smoke at their place of employment.

One of the reason is because drifting tobacco smoke, even outdoors, can trigger asthmatic attacks, bronchial infections, and other serious health problems in nonsmokers. This is especially true for the almost 100 million Americans who have asthma, chronic bronchitis, chronic sinusitis, emphysema, and other breathing related conditions which make them vulnerable to secondhand tobacco smoke. Even for people without such respiratory conditions, breathing drifting tobacco smoke for even brief periods can be deadly. For example, the Centers for Disease Controls has warned that breathing drifting tobacco smoke for as little as 30 minutes can raise anon smoker's risk of suffering a fatal heart attack to that of a smoker. The danger is even greater for those who are already at an elevated risk for coronary problems like men over 40 and postmenopausal women, anyone who is obese, has diabetes, a personal or family history of heart or circulatory conditions, gets insufficient exercise, has high blood pressure, cholesterol.

The second reason is because cigarette butts discarded by smokers constitute the overwhelming majority of litter on beaches, as well as in many other public places like parks, playgrounds, and sidewalks. Discarded cigarette butts may also be harmful to birds and other

wildlife which nibble on or even swallow them, especially on a beach or park, but also even on a

public sidewalk. Even children could be a victim of these when they see older people puff their

cigarette and the butts were on the ground the children might imitate what the adults would

do and puff the cigarettes butts or swallow, would be really harmful for children.



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