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Bank Usa: Forecasting Help Desk Demand by Day Case Study

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Essay Preview: Bank Usa: Forecasting Help Desk Demand by Day Case Study

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Case Study:

Bank USA: Forecasting Help Desk Demand by Day Case Study

Allison M Stachowiak

Ottawa University

Bank USA

Forecasting Help Desk Demand by Day Case Study

        What are the service management characteristics of the CSR job? – When calling any company, one of the first people you have to explain your issue, compliant or whatever reason it is you are calling is a customer service representative. A customer service representative should be able to set the pace for any employee who may have to take the call after him or her, giving that employee a happy customer. I believe that to practice good customer service representative skills, there are certain characteristics that an employee need to have. These characteristics are the following: attentiveness, self-control, caring, the ability to relate with a customer, willingness to help, knowledge of the product or the service, and most of all superior communication skills.

        Define the mission statement and strategy of the Help Desk. Why is the Help Desk important? Who are its customers? – The mission statement is to provide support, to can provide accurate information and timely resolution for company employees. The help desk is an important department in this company for the reasoning if an employee is having trouble with a task they have a resourceful person that will be able to help them gather the information that they need. The help desk will be able to resolve issues quicker than an employee who may not have as much experience within the department of questioning.

        Normally the bank tends to help bank employees most frequently, however on certain occasions the bank will help external customers as well.  The help desk can help any employee who may have a question: portfolio managers, stock traders, backroom company process managers, branch bank managers, accountants, and trust account administrators. The help desk can help external customer with things such as online banking, log in issues, and application issues.

        How would you handle the customers affected by the inaccurate stock price in the bank’s trust account system? Would you take a passive or proactive approach? Justify your answer. – If I were to come across this issue, I would attach with a proactive approach on correcting the problem to ensure that the banks customers stay as happy as they can while dealing with this error. If I was approached with this situation, I would scan the rest of the systems for customers who may have money invested in this stock. Once all the information is gathered, I would contact each individual customer, explain to them the situation, and the actions we are taking to correct the current issue. While speaking with the customer, I would offer my sincerest apologizes to any conflict this has caused for the customer, also ensure to the customer that the problem is being fixed and once it is fixed a mailed statement will be sent to all the customers that have been affected.



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