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Be Passionate - Performance

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Last meeting in PE, our professor made us watch a video of a boy and girl with disabilities performing an extraordinary dance number; the girl had only one arm while the boy had only one leg. For me, their performance was not just an ordinary one but was a special one because I can never imagine how they were able to dance so well- so professional like they had no disabilities at all!

Their performance was really jaw dropping. I mean how can the guy be that excellent in balancing? He can dance perfectly, he can move freely and he can lift his partner effortlessly! When they performed, it’s like the stage became their own world. They had this moment where you can see that they really are enjoying what they are doing. Passion is a very important component in succeeding life.

Their performance was not only hair rising but also served as a motivation to those who aspire to be great dancers. Both dancers can be considered as role models for inspiring other people who think they cannot do the impossible due to physical disabilities, due to peers, and other reasons that hinders them from doing things they actually can.

They had to be very passionate about their dancing careers for having showed that nothing can take away their love for dancing even if they lost their arms, leg, or any part of their body. It must have been hard to accept at first but with their strong determination and devotion for dancing, they did everything to bring their life back to normal. Adapting to their disability is definitely not easy because our arms and leg are fundamental parts of the body; they are used in our everyday life so losing any of them affects and changes a lot on how we live our life. I admire them for facing their present life with such braveness and positive attitude.

The dancers proved that the impossible can be achieved through great determination, perseverance and trust in self and God. I have realized that no matter what happens, it is ourselves who holds our future. It is ourselves who make the decisions that will shape what we will be in the near future.



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