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Becoming a Ceo - the Different Types of Theories for Today's Companies

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Essay Preview: Becoming a Ceo - the Different Types of Theories for Today's Companies

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The Different Types of Theories for Today's Companies

Charise Williams

Everest Online


Maslow's Theory is that motivation arises from needs. The people are motivated to satisfy un met needs. (Maslow's Theory). In this passage we found that the workers are not motivated anymore on the job and they are showing it by not performing to the best of their ability. (Nickels, Mchughs.2010). We can use different Theories to help the boss solve the problems of what's going on with his employees.

Maslow's Theory can help because it gets the employees involved in the decisions that are made for the job that he or she is performing on a daily bases. Theory gives employees the opportunity to make suggestions on things and what they can do to make their job a more fun and exciting place to work and enjoy. Maslow's Theory reminds me of a job I use to work at. There were a lot of workers that had been there a while and the job was beginning to get bored for them and they began to get lazy and get the don't care attitude. The boss decided to have a meeting and ask for suggestions on what we as employees could do to make this a better fun and exciting place to work again because everyone had lost their zeal and thrill. We can up with get suggestions for ourselves and the company and by the employees getting involved the company became more successful and we started enjoying our work.

Herzberg Theory is different because the managers are the only one that has the say so on what happens and the employees doesn't have any say on what happens or suggestions. Maslow's Theory is different because he uses the employee's suggestions. Herzberg is different from Maslow because it's the head boss and Managers that's involved with the decisions that are being made and it doesn't give the employees any rights to speak and make suggestions. I feel that the workers should be able to give suggestions on their job because they are the ones that doing the job and they should know what would make the job easily and making the job easily means making the workers happily.

McGregor's Theory X and Y is the way managers go about motivating people at work depends greatly on their attitudes workers. (Nickels, Mchughs.2010). McGregor's Theory is more structured but you can't be to firm because you want to make your employees comfortable with you so they can trust that you would be a fair manager. I really think there are a lot of company that uses this Theory but I feel like you shouldn't go by what the manager say sometimes because it can get personal and u can be the best worker in the company but if the manager dislike you in any way they can give you a bad



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