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Beginning of Christianity in the Rome Empire

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Essay Preview: Beginning of Christianity in the Rome Empire

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Beginning of Christianity in the Rome Empire

In the beginning, Rome ran as a polytheistic world and was ran by god and goddess. In the 1st centry CE religion was very important to the romans and was taken very serious. In pre-historic times natural forces were explained but never understood. When christianity came into Rome, it was baned and Christians were punished for years at a time. Christians were used as entertainment and fed to the lions in Ancient Rome. Although christainity started being worshiped by the poor, it eventually made it as a main reigion.

Christianity was told by a man named St. Paul. St. PAul founded christian churches in Asia MInor and Greece. Taking his word to Rome was the next step. Christianity started with slaves and poor, it seemed to give them hope for a better day and time. Even with the consequence of facing death, and they got the blame for most things that happened wrong in Rome. Apart of Rome was burned down in A.D 64, and christians were blamed, arrested, and some even executed.

The Emperor ??? ??? in charge of Rome at the time ordere all the executions. Tachus said "Nero punished a race of men who were hated for their eveil practices. These men were called Christians. He got a number of people to confess. On their evidence a number of Christians were convicted and put to death with dreadful cruelty. Some were covered with skins of wild beasts and left to be eaten by dogs. Others were nailed to the cross. Many were burned alive and seton fire to serve as torches at night." Because they were at such a big danger christians were forced to meet at night in complete secret. Rome had a majority of poor and slaves, so christianity continued to grow and expand. It wasnt until A.D 313 that a new empreror names Constantine made christianity legal, and for the first time ever christians could worship as they wanted with no punishments.

Christians had a big difference between all other religions was the fact that they would not make offerings to the state gods. Since they would not make the offerings it put the people in their town at a big risk. Targeted with many acts of violence and sometimes still being shunned. They were fighting to gain the respect of Rome and also get the exception that the Jews got. Since everyone believed in gods and goddesses the christians were looked at strange for worshiping someone and that one person who was at this time dead. Yet no chrstian was thrown at them for their multipractices and even brief in magic.

Christians did not believe in magic or.......



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