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Being Militant and with Cia

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Essay Preview: Being Militant and with Cia

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Dalaun Finch

Walter Harris

Being Militant and

With CIA.

He is about 5'11 with a build of a stronger older man. He is a do it himself do kind of guy so he dresses quite comfortable around the house he always smell of cigar smoke because he always smokes them or just has one in his mouth. He has a very correct posture. He comes off much disciplined especially when you hold a conversation with him he show s a lot of eye contact and attentiveness. He is very protective he has a mass collection of weapons that he uses in various demonstrations. He uses to be a cop so he can be very intimidating if you let him.

He has done so much in so little time for this great country of ours. From serving in the military to becoming a cop and protecting and serving to becoming a hard working family man. When you need a tree pruned, who is there Walter. When your out of town who is there to cut your grass Walter. When you need that to that cost 600$ and youll only use it once who breaks out the lawn mower just for you Walter. Now this next award is a prestigious one and should only go to the most interesting and Special neighbors so without further ado yours truly Walter Harris.

What is your full name

What do like to called

Where did you grow up

Did you attend college

How did you meet your signifigant other

What did you professional career start with

When did it start

Do you have any regerets in life

What is the most memorable fact on your life

What is something that no one knows about you

What is your ultimate goal in life

How does family rank on your priority list

What is your religious belief

Do you have sibling and what is your relationship with them

Did you grow up with your father and mother.



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