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In experiment A, when the weight force increased from 5N to 10N,15N,20N, the calculated values of shear force are 2.50N , 5.00N , 7.50N , and 10.0N . In the experiment, the experimental shear force that are obtained when the weight force increased from 5N to 10N, 15N, 20N are 2.1N, 4.6N, 6.4N, 8.3N. The percentage errors of the experiment are 16.0%, 8.00% , 14.7% and 17.0%. For the bending moment of the experiment, the calculated bending moment at 270mm are 0.675Nm, 1.35Nm, 2.03Nm and 2.70Nm. In the experiment, the bending moment of the experiment are 0.60Nm, 1.17Nm, 1.77Nm and 2.34Nm. The percentage error for the bending moment are 11.1%, 13.3%, 12.6% and 13.3%. In experiment B which is the experiment of symmetrical load, when the weight force increased from 5N to 10N, 15N and 20N, the theoretical value for the experiment are 0N for all the settings. In the experiment that carried out, the shear force obtained are 0.2N, 0N ,0N and 0.2N. When calculating percentage error, 0N is the theoretical value. Since using 0 as a denominator will cause the occurrence of mathematical error. Therefore, the percentage errors are undefined. For the bending moment of experiment B at 270mm, the results obtained from the experiment are 0.405Nm, 0.827Nm, 1.252Nm, 1.670Nm. When comparing with the calculated result which is 0.5Nm, 1.0Nm, 1.5Nm, 2.0Nm, the percentage error are 19.0%, 17.3%, 16.7%, 16.5%. Since there are few error occurs in the experiment, the experiment value obtained is not as accurate as the theoretical value. Therefore, small percentage error has obtained in the experiment.



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