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Bizops Enterprises - Management of Recruitment, Selection and Induction Policy

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Essay Preview: Bizops Enterprises - Management of Recruitment, Selection and Induction Policy

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Task 1

  1. The polices and procedures required to ensure a robust and legislatively compliant recruitment, selection and induction policy include:
  1. Anti-discrimination legislation
  2. Certified and workplace agreement
  3. Codes of practice
  4. Enterprise agreements
  5. Privacy laws and confidentiality
  1. The objectives of polices listed above are making sure that:
  1. All recruitment and selection policies and decisions will reflect BizOps code of conduct and a commitment to providing equal opportunity by assessing all potential candidates according to their skills, knowledge, qualifications and capabilities. Regard will not be given to factors such as age, gender, marital status, race, disability or political opinions.
  2. Recruitment and selection of staff is based on merit.
  3. BizOps remains committed to providing a work environment which is free from harassment and discrimination.
  4. Every stage of the recruitment, selection and induction process for each job vacancy will be clearly documented for transparency, accountability and monitoring purposes.
  5. On commencement of employment, staff will have access to all relevant information, policies and procedures relating to the status and conditions of their employment.
  6. All recruitment, selection and induction will be compliant with all relevant legal and contractual requirement.

Task 2

BizOps Recruitment, Selection and Induction Policy (New Version)

BizOps Enterprises is committed to selecting and recruiting competent, capable and suitably qualified staff. We’ve adopted recruitment and selection strategies that help us meet our commitment to making quality staff appointment.

  • We recognize that:
  • our workforce is our most important resources
  • some groups face unfair discrimination in the workplace
  • new staff cannot perform their role effectively since there is not an Induction Procedure within our company
  • our efforts on advertising the vacant job positions are not sufficient
  • The purpose of the policy:
  • to recruit the best people available to join our workforce
  • to recruit, select and manage our staff in a way that complies with relevant legislations
  • to do all we can to achieve and maintain a diverse workforce
  • to ensure that our recruitment, selection and induction processes are consistent and transparent
  • to ensure candidates can receive feedback no matter whether they are selected or not
  • to ensure that new members of staff are given a proper induction.
  • Recruitment requests and approvals

When the requirement to recruit new staff members is identified, the manager to whom the position reports must complete a Personal Request Form and forward it to the Human Resource Department. A job description must be written or reviewed by the manager in conjunction with HR to ensure that it is accurate and current. The HR Department will then establish an appropriate salary level for new positions.

  • Advertising

Advertisements for vacant positions should comply with relevant legislative requirements. These advertisements should be placed in appropriate metropolitan newspapers with due regard for effectiveness of timing, placement and cost. Radio advertising can also be used.

  • Outsourcing

In certain circumstances we might consider outsourcing the recruitment of particular positions to an external recruitment agency. These circumstances may include:

  • where the number of positions to be filled requires time and resources not available within our HR Department
  • when a suitable candidate for a position cannot be found within a reasonable time using standard search methods
  • for high-level positions such as Managers
  • if positions to be filled requires the hiring staff to have a particular or specialist knowledge of the requirements of the vacant position not available within our company. For example, IT design Specialist
  • if it can be demonstrated that outsourcing the recruitment for a position would be more efficient and cost effective, while still ensuring that process quality is maintained or improved.

We will only use external recruitment agencies that guarantee Equal Employment Opportunity compliance. The HR Department will coordinate the use of agencies in processing applications.

  • Handling applications

All applications will be forwarded to the HR Department. A nominated HR officer will be responsible for handling an approved vacancy and communicating with the Department manager and applicants. The HR officer will also assist the Department manager by screening the applications and identifying a short list of suitable candidates for interview. Unsuccessful applicants will not be notified after the first round of interviews has been successfully completed.

  • Selection

Short-listed applicants will normally be required to participate in a selection process. This process will be determined by the HR Officer in consultation with the Department manager and may include:

  • behavioral interviews
  • competency assessment such as role-plays, case studies, written or verbal occupational tests
  • psychometric testing
  • selection panel
  • Reference checks

Following selection processes and before a job offer is made, reference checks must be conducted on all recommended applicants by the HR Department.

  • Notification of selection outcomes

When notifying candidates of the outcome of an application, rejection letters should not be sent out until after the first round of interviews with candidates have been held. And some feedback will be given to unsuccessful candidates regarding their interview performance, but no feedback will be given to the quality of their written application or the reasons for the final decisions.

  • Making offers of employment

Offers of employment will be made in writing when all selection procedures have been completed. The letter of offer will contain details of standard conditions of employment and any special conditions relating to the position. The applicant must return a signed copy of the letter of offer formally accepting the position.

  • Induction Policy

BizOps expects that the implementation of a good induction procedure will:

  • enable new staff members to settle into BizOps quicker and become productive and efficient within a relatively short period of time
  • ensure that new members are highly motivated
  • assist in reducing staff turnover, absenteeism and poor performance
  • ensure that employees operate in a safe working environment
  • will reduce costs associated with repeated recruitment, training and lost production  

Our induction programs focus on several certain types of individuals, for example:

  • new graduates
  • managers
  • ethnic minorities
  • long-term unemployed
  • other groups that need particular consideration such as disabled or women returning to work after parturition.

Here is the items list that is needed to cover with each new staff member:



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