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Black Plague

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There 25 million people dying around you. Your family, your best friend, your parents. Your relying on god. You do not evan know if you going to die next. You figure there noting to life and so at this point you do not care about if you die or not. What are you going to do next? Pack all your stuff and hide? The black plague all started in China, three thousand years ago in 1347 and lasted until 1350. It rapidly spread through Europe and Africa and killed 25 million people in two years. The back plague effected religion, church, Economic/Political and there Cultural. ( Go back)

The spread of the plague all started from a bacteria and fleas called Yersinia Pestis. The Yersinis Pestis blocked the fleas stomach, causing the flea to be very hungry. The fleas traveled on the rats and than they would jump onto their vicim. At the time the rats were traveling on the merchant trading ships returning to Itay and landed in Messina. When ships landed most of the men on board were already dead. The ones who had survived brought the disease to the towns. By the time they quantity the ship rats had already escape,spreading through the population. Once the the flea bites the human. The human became very sick. The human starts getting high fever, chills and headaches, starts felling exhausted, developing swollen glands ( buboes) in the neck,armpits and groin area. Blood vessels started to break inside the body and cough up blood. Within two to six days, the people died.

Disease in the Middle Ages were easily spread in the unhygienic environment where there were fleas, lice and rats who all thrive for the perfect environment for the spread of black death. All the lack of scientific knowledge also prevented them from having good medicine. Evan before the black plague they still had a increase in their population because of there poor hygiene. Dirty water and food was infected by bacteria causing people to get stomach upsets and serious diseases. On top of that people had poor diets. They were not getting enough vitamin c which caused them to get a disease called scurvy. Garbage was all over the streets making the rats thrive. Sewers were filled with garbage. People were only taking bathes once a week or less as it took a lot of effort to fill the bathtubs. Many places also had no running fresh water, so people would have to heat it before pouring it into the bathtub. Skin infections were common among the townspeople because they wore wool clothing that were rough and lived with lice, fleas and other bedbugs that irritated the skin. The big thing that caused the black plague was people were breathing on top of each other, coughing on each other, sneezing and etr. Bacteria was filling the air. On top of all this there medicine and surgeries were not working affectively. This was the period war was going on. knights and solders were getting hurt. they were getting treated in a unclean



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