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Blood Transfusion

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Transfusion of blood in case of emergency can help to provide sufficient oxygen supply. In an emergency case , such as situations include trauma associated with motor vehicle accidents , stabbing , gunshot wounds , and ruptured abdominal aortic can cause blood loss in large scale .It is necessary to transfuse a new whole blood to the patient , because the delay could be fatal. When our body loss a lot of blood, hence our body cell lack of sufficient oxygen to be used, and the result is all the vital organ for instance the brain ,heart and lung will be damaged .Our brain primarily need the blood circulation to function normally ,because red blood cell ( RBC ) provide oxygen to the brain tissues for the glucose metabolism and finally produce the energy to carry out their function. Additionally , all the vital organ receive enough oxygen from blood transfusion for cellular respiration and vital organ can be survive .The local hospital play an importance role in providing enough blood supply in our country to make sure blood transfusion can be used in emergency situations and avoid severe to the human being.

Administering blood products

Blood should never hang longer than 4 hours and units cannot be split to accommodate longer

time frames.

* Blood is to be left in the blood bank until an IV line has been established and/or checked for


* Blood will only be released from the blood bank with a Transfusion Request Form (EZ-ID) and a

copy of the Transfuse Blood Products order. This form prints automatically when the order to

transfuse is entered. This one form will be required for subsequent units of blood and blood

products so it is important to maintain a copy to request another unit.

* The Transfuse Blood Product will be verified by the blood bank and the staff member who

retrieves the blood.

* All documentation should be completed in the Transfusion Administration Record (TAR) if

electronic documentation is used. Areas not using TAR will continue to require written signatures

of two RNs with documented competencies to give blood in appropriate areas of


If a suspected blood transfusion reaction is noted, the RN will stop the transfusion and notify the

physician immediately.

* Orders are obtained for post transfusion reaction lab work at the time the physician is notified



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