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Bodyguards and Assassins

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Name: Qing Wen                                                          Room: #612

Program title: Movie,         Bodyguards and Assassins                                 Date of Program:10/7//2017

Presenter: Chinese Student Association

The movie “Bodyguards and Assassins” showed all sides of Chinese revolutionaries, businessmen, beggars, coachman, students and gamblers. It also portrayed troupes in Hong Kong Central Bathing blood struggle, who prevented an assassination and protected Sun Yat-sen. Dr. Sun Yat –sen led the 1911 revolution and overthrew the last feudal dynasty in China’s history. The imperial system collapsed in the Revolution of 1911, and a new republic was established. Sun Yat-sen is the first president and founding father of the People’s Republic of China. 

First of all, from this movie, I learned about the importance of independence and democracy. Quoting a lines from this film, I would say “Revolution is the tide of history.” The feudal system of China had been existence for a long and tortuous amount of time, lasting for two thousand years in China. In the ancient period, China has a very serious hierarchy in the ancient period. For example, the status of women very low—they were regarded as the property of their fathers or husbands and could do nothing without their consent. This produced inequality in power. In order to change this federal ideology and overthrow the federal government, it was necessary to incite a revolution to build a new democratic country. Personally, I strongly believe that only if a country becomes independent and democratic, can the society prosper and people have a happy and leisure-filed life.

In addition, what struck me the most was the importance of national peace. Peace and development are the major themes of the present era. In this new century, we have to start from the understanding that peace belongs not only to the State or individuals, but to the people of a nation. Peace is especially important in today's society, because it helps to build a better environment for the coming generation. Recently, there was a shooting event in Las Vegas. There were more than 50 people killed and more than 500 people were hurt in this shooting. This event demonstrates the priority of maintaining a peaceful and healthy society where people live in harmony. Maintaining world peace is our responsibility. There would be much less murder and robberies, and more durable development and prosperity in this world, if peace was taken care of. Let us wake in peace because peace can make the nation stronger and bring stability.



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