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Book Review - Martial Law by Franklin W. Dixon

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Essay Preview: Book Review - Martial Law by Franklin W. Dixon

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This Month I read a book from the Hardy Boys series called Martial Law. The author of this book is Franklin W. Dixon. When I was little my grand mother bought the Hardy Boys Books for me when I was little and read them to me. I couldn't think of a book to read for this month but when I was going though some book I had at I seen one of the Hardy Boys book sitting there and I decided to read this for my book review. I read the back of the book and realized that I had never read this book yet. Therefore, I knew that this book would be good because I remembered the books being great.

The book is set at The Rising Phoenix, a popular martial arts school. But there is some weird and violent behavior. This is when A.T.C.A.(American Teens Against Crime) sends in its best agents, Frank and Joe Hardy. They are sent undercover to take karate lessons at the school.When they arrive, they meet the head Sensei, Paul Huang.During their first class they realized there were a lot of scrawny people there, people you wouldn't expect to be there. When they had got ready to leave Joe overheard Finn Campbell, the co-owner, threatening a student. They seen one of their best friends,Chet at the school but when they started to talk to him he started acting funny and said he had to go. This made them follow him, which led them to the California Diner where they found out he was selling something for the Sensei. The next day, Joe snuck into the Sensei's office, and discovered the things he was selling where steroids.Sensei Huang was found guilty and arrested.

The novel is a fictional novel and takes place in a current time frame, the book was published in 2006. Joe and Frank Hardy are the main characters of the book and ther are about 16 and 17. They are brothers in an anti crime group made by there father who solve mysteries for the police.

If I was to recommend this book to someone I would defiantly till someone that likes crime solving. This book series is based on fictional characters who solve crimes and mysteries all over the United States Of America and is not a book some one how dislikes mystery books. I found this book very interesting and would love reading it again. I look forward to reading more from this series.



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