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Booz-Allen & Hamilton’s Knowledge Management Strategy

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Essay Preview: Booz-Allen & Hamilton’s Knowledge Management Strategy

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  1. What should be the future direction of Booz-Allen & Hamilton’s knowledge management strategy?

  1. Current Situation
    When employee facing a difficult situation such as pressured by deadlines or run out of ideas they tend to use and copy paste the idea from the KOL without fully understand the content of the idea, plagiarize info will later be presented to investor  in a different context which is different from the original meaning.

    Future Direction
    Based on the article, the future direction of Booz-Allen & Hamilton’s Knowledge Management strategy is they should use access control of the information from the KOL system. Associates only allowed to set access to information after get approval or authorize by the owner of information.
  1. Current Situation

The system lack of interactive technology such as real time chat, one way communication, and users cannot give feedback or express their thought to the information in the system

Future Direction

KOL need to develop a system where the users can give any opinion or comments regarding of the system. So that, KOL can know which part of the system that need to be improve.

Besides that, KOL also can make a chat facility for the users where the users can give the comments and complaint directly to the KOL admin and they can ask a question regarding of the system directly to the admin.

KOL system need to improved and make a friendly users system so that the users will be more attractive and have interest to use the KOL system.

  1. Current Situation

As for now, KOL system only can be access to Booz Allen & Hamilton employee and its investor. Others user have limited access to the system

Future Direction 

In my opinion Booz Allen & Hamilton should consider selling client access to KOL system, individual, client, group that wish to access in the system will be charge with minimum fees, and of course some information that is consider confidential will only accessible to company staff, the revenue from this system can be used to improve and upgrade the system to a much more sophisticated system.



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