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Bram Stoker Dracula

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Essay Preview: Bram Stoker Dracula

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In Bram Stoker Dracula we see many kinds of addictions. We would look at drug addiction, how the blood is the drug for life, Second sex addiction, how Lucy was addicted to sex and also how Dracula was addicted to sex. Finally, Religious addiction with refilled, and how Renfield saw Dracula as his Christ figure and the misquoted bible.

Metaphor addiction is one of the main things that happen the most. One of them is drug addiction. Drug addiction happens in the whole book. Dracula was the drug that everyone wanted because blood was their drug. A drug has its own power of qualities of taking over your way of thinking and reacting. Taking a drug makes you feel more powerful just like Dracula. To get over an addiction would be hard. In the class notes it tells you how drug addiction is powerful. "The motif of addiction runs rampant throughout Dracula, and in fact ties in with one of its major themes- the power problems with addiction" (Class notes ch.5.) The addiction takes control on everything you do, it's that powerful. It takes over your feelings and skills. In conclusion addiction is very hard to get rid of. Dracula was just poisoning everyone so they can be on his side just like slaves.

Most addictions takes power of our whole life's and there is no turning back but getting over an addiction is also hard as well. In Bram stoker Dracula, in Mina Murray's journal she writes about how Lucy would sleep walk in the night's n feel really tired in the mornings. That is a sign that she was addicted to Dracula, when someone is addicted they seem to not notice and denied it. Mina writes about it in her journal and says, "Poor Lucy seemed much upset. She was restless and uneasy all the time... She is quite odd in one thing: she will not admit to me that there is any cause for restlessness... she does not understand it herself" (Stroker.107-108). Lucy got addicted to Dracula and she didn't notice. She would wake up all tired in the mornings and didn't remember anything she did in the night. What Lucy did in the nights was that she would sleep walk and leave with Dracula that is a part of addiction. When someone is addicted they seem to dine it so they won't get caught on their addiction. In conclusion drug addiction can take away someone's life or even destroy it. Lucy's life was getting caught up in Dracula's spell without her noticing.

Sex addiction was also in Dracula, Lucy was addicted to sex but also she wanted to get her innocents back. When Lucy got bit from Dracula she became very sexual. Dracula was the one that got Lucy on being more sexual. Lucy wanted Arthur to be like her "un-dead". When Lucy went to the graveyard Arthur was there with some man. Lucy wants Arthur so bad she wants him to become a vampire just like her because like that they would be un-dead and won't have a problem being together. In Literature Suppressed on Social



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