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Breadtalk Company Vision

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Essay Preview: Breadtalk Company Vision

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dfjsdlfsajfsdfCompany vision

The company vision is to Establish BreadTalk as the foremost international, trend-setting lifestyle bakery brand.

Company mission

The mission statement for BreadTalk taken from the company website stated the mission of "Leading a new lifestyle culture with new, innovative changes and creative differentiation to craft products with passion and vibrancy" which tells us the concept that the company wants to bring a new form lifestyle culture by producing good quality vibrant craft product.

The mission statement provide a clear purpose of the company direction in what they wants to achieve but it also provide the market- orientated definition whereby customer 's needs of a quality product made with passion from the staff but it lack a clear definition in terms of customer services from the company.

Market overview

Market Size

Market potential

Market structure

The market structure is in a form of perfect competition Singapore has established itself as a food paradise, from its affordable hawker food to fine dining for the epicures. Naturally, Singaporeans love to eat their hearts out, and you wouldn't want to miss digging into our freshly baked bread, buns, cookies, strudels and other delightful pastries. Everyday, our bakeries churn out the best of their baking secrets for the masses!

To make it easier for you to find bakeries, we have a list of Singapore bakeries and confectionaries with their addresses attached.

Feel like baking? Check out some simple recipes on how to make popular pastries like doughnuts or an exquisite Tiramisu cake. Your friends or guests are sure to be impressed whatever the occasion! You might like to read up on some helpful tips to enjoy your baking experience and avoid disasters in the kitchen. We'll show you a few simple tricks, from handling ingredients to keeping ants away from sugar.

In fact, the Singapore bakery industry is thriving. BreadTalk, a distinctive Singapore brand, has already expanded itsa empire to as far as Saudi Arabia, while Gardenia and Sunshine are the two leading household brands in Singapore for your daily breads and buns.



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