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Buowulf and Superman

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Essay Preview: Buowulf and Superman

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The first source of electricity I am going to talk about that I use everyday is my T.V. It has to have lots of electricity to work. There are three big reasons why it has to contain electricity to work and the first one is to actually make it work, you can not have it on if it is not plugged into the wall. The second one is so the electricity will run through the cords. If you do not have a straight current the electricity will not flow well. The third reason is that you need power and electricity then you also can't see the picture on the T.V.

The next thing that needs electricity to work is my cell phone. There are also three reasons why It needs electricity. The first thing is to turn it on or turn it off. When you turn it off it stops the flow of electricity or there also is no electricity going through. If it is off then you are not wasting the batter at all. You can also make calls but it wastes more batter, takes lots of electricity to make one call. You are also using more energy from the company if you use it a lot. You can text and it probably uses more electricity than to make a call. It does use more minutes than calling. It defiantly uses more electricity.

The last thing is my computer and I get on the Internet and it uses lots of power to operate in a short amount of time. It needs lots of flows of electricity to work. One positive thing is that you can look up electricity to do Mr. Wallace's work. The keyboard of the computer is a very useful thing when doing projects. It also uses a lot of electricity to work. It is very, very helpful when in need. The CPU of the computer is the main source of the computer when you need it. It needs the most electricity to work. It is great because it gives of electricity to.



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